If you are a cosmetic product producer

You must know that three mandatory elements are required before shipping your products to Europe :

We can provide you with just what you need or the full turnkey service covering all three steps !


In less than 3 months we can make your products go through the whole registration process and allow them to be sold in the 28 countries of the EU market.

We proceed in three steps, checking successively the formula, the labels and creating the Product Information File (PIF).


  • STEP 1Formula review
    The composition of your product is being analyzed to ensure that it does not contain any substance prohibited or restricted in the EU. Once all the needed documents (MSDS, Cofa, Breakdown, tests, etc.) are received, we move to the next step.
  • STEP 2CPSR & Label review
    Our experts create the PIF, containing the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) and gathering all the documents and tests linked to the product. At this time, your product is evaluated in all details to confirm its safety for consumers. Then your product label is examined to verify that it only contains correct information, complying with the requirements of the legislation.
  • STEP 3Notification on the CPNP
    As soon as your product has been proven to be safe and compliant with the EU Regulatory Framework, it can get notified on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). We then provide you with the CPNP certificate, a document containing a unique number attributed to your product by the EU Authorities.


You may now ship your brand to your European success.

If you are a cosmetic distributor

Biorius has designed a Distributor’s Risk Program

Why a Distributor’s Risk Program ?

In Europe, there are two levels of EU responsibilities

The Distributor

Responsible for logistic and technical matters regarding the product being distributed.

Responsible for testifying that the product is EU registered and EU compliant.

The EU Responsible Person

Through our program, distributors have the possibility to delegate their responsibility to Biorius. That way, any request of the Competent Authorities will directly be sent to our offices !

A plus for the producer

The cosmetic producer who subscribes to this program is insured that confidential information related to the product distributed remains in Biorius’ hands and will never be disclosed to any other party along the supply chain

If you are a cosmetic ingredients supplier

Cosmetic products brand owners often have to investigate on the safety and/or the regulatory status of a specific ingredient.

How ?

Taking into account the literature and the tests ever performed on it, our experts gather the information related to your ingredient to determine its safety and the maximum quantity it can be used in a cosmetic product.

A well-followed procedure leads us to state the safety of your ingredient :
  • Composition analysis
  • Analysis of the received data
  • Hazard assessment
  • Dose response assessment
  • Exposure assessment
  • Risk characterization

At the end of this process, you receive a certificate as well as a comprehensive safety report providing a full range of information about your ingredient safety and toxicity.

This service is tailor-made

and Biorius experts will always find a way to accommodate your needs !


Biorius is leader in the registration of cosmetics in Europe, but we also help you to place your products on other markets such as:
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Korea
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • The Asean countries


Assistance to Product Manufacturers

Cosmetic Product Manufacturers can benefit from our “Hassle-free program”, an exclusive partnership allowing them to share their data only once.

Label translation

You do not have your label translated yet ?
No worries, give us your text and we will do the rest  !


Certifications prove to the consumers that your product claim has been evaluated by a third party and found in compliance with the requirements set by the Industry. Biorius can help you to certify the claims “Natural”, “Organic”, “Fair trade”, “Eco-friendly”, “Vegan”, “GMO-free” and “Gluten-free” either via its own product certification system or by preparing the dossiers for reputed certification bodies.

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